Happy Client Testimonials

Wow!!!!! Stunning!!!!! We are so impressed and love the images!! What a super fun cover shot.
Thanks Frances!!

Patricia Wade

GAP Publishing Group Inc.

Thank you so much for the photo of Puppets for Peace.

Your camera has truly captured the spirit and joy that engulfed us all that day. Thank you so much for sharing your artistry with the people who made the day possible. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending a copy of the image.

The Honourable Judith Giuchon, OBC

Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Nobody does portraits like you do! I cherish the family portraits you created for us.

Wendy Lily

We just wanted to tell you how thankful we are to have the privilege to work with you.

I am never speechless but there are really no words to describe how ecstatic I am that you chose to share your talent and passion with us.

Beyond the pictures that will remind us of this day, we will remember what a wonderful person we had the chance to meet.

Thank you.

Vero + Holly

Thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of the judging panel for WPPI. We came just for the judging and the education that would be offered. The way days we spent with the judging panel were worth every penny we spent to go to WPPI. Thank you for teaching the younger generation the craft!

Savannah & Phillip Kenney

Thank you so much for your donation of a photography gift certificate as a silent auction item at Habitat Acquisition Trust’s Gala Dinner.

We are delighted that the auction rose more than $3000, of which your donation played a key role. The funds raised through the event will be used to help HAT permanently protect natural environments in our region. Thank you for your support of HAT and its efforts conserving the Capital region for future generation.

Anna Piazzo, Adam Taylor, Christine Pritchard

Habitat Acquisition Trust

You brighten the world and your kind heart is truly felt and appreciated!
Thank you for everything you offer, are and share with everyone around you.

The Babe Team

Thank you so much for all your wonderful work with my portraits. I am very excited about getting my marketing plan in place with your great pictures!

You were a pleasure to work with.

Joanne Vesprini

Thank you for going above and beyond as you finished my image for me. I appreciate you providing it in a variety of formats for different purposes.

You said you would make my image glow and you certainly did that! My mole is gone, my teeth are amazingly white and the essence of who I am seems to come out even stronger.

Thank you one again for being the wonderful, flexible, accommodating and talented professional woman that you are. I love working with you.


Thank you very much for our beautiful wedding album.

We cannot express our gratitude enough, if only to say that you fulfilled our wishes and exceeded our expectations. It has been an absolute pleasure to share with our family and friends.

Michael & Susan

I saw in the paper you won another award. Congratulations! Your wonderful talents are clearly being noticed by everyone who sees your work!

Shelly Berlin & Richard Eaton

Thank you for recording our fairy tale day with your incredibly gorgeous photos! Our photobox and albums are stunning. You are an amazing artist.

Alicia & Bruce

We absolutely love what you’ve done with Maddi’s portrait. It is truly an heirloom piece of work. You are one of life’s gems to be able to do what you do for others. Thank you so much for your talents and work.

We will treasure the piece forever and any time, our little princess, “is not” we can look up at the portrait an remind ourselves that she really is (or can when she wants to be)!

Rini, Derrick & Maddi

Just a short note to let you know how happy we are with our photos!

Paul absolutely loves them all. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He said he could have never received a gift that brought him more joy and happiness. It took him hours to analyze them.

Thank you!

Paul, Coreen, Adam & Abby

Just a quick note to tell you of the delighted reaction I’ve had from all those who have seen the portrait you did of me. My publisher said it was just perfect.

Katherine Gibson

WOW!!! The photos of Emmy are awesome! They are so perfect – you caught her personality o well. Thank you so much.


You were such a hoot to work with! Thank you so much for documenting our day and instilling much laughter and energy into something that wasn’t easy for all of us.

Dasha & Joe

It was a pleasure and an education to observe the photo shoot you conducted for TLC today. On behalf of TLC we would like to thank you for donating your time and expertise. The images will serve to preserve, protect and enhance the place we love.

Kai & Alison

The Land Conservancy (TLC)

After arriving home I had another opportunity to spend some time looking even more intently at each photography. After doing so, your amazing talent became readily apparent and I just wanted to express both my gratitude and admiration.


From our first meeting, to the great photo shoot, to the final photos, it has been a great pleasure to work with you – a consummate professional.

Your sensitivity, intelligence and unique talent in presenting each person in the best way possible are gifts to us all. Many many thanks.

Lydia Kasianchuk

Thank you for all you do! You are a wonderful, caring, and thoughtful teacher.

Murray & Sue

Thank you for the intensive tutorial we did while I was in Victoria. Your skill and enthusiasm resulted in my taking photographs that are better than ever, and my husband and I want to move to Canada!

I greatly appreciate your skill and patience in both helping my competence with my camera (which I have had for three years and never used until my time with you), and in composition.

Your eye is amazing and you have the ability to communicate composition principles in a way that made me become aware when I was taking photographs.

Your enthusiasm for photography and for your home of Victoria also made this trip so unique. You took me to places I would never have seen as a tourist and we took wonderful pictures as well as just enjoyed the day.

I can’t wait to get out to the Virginia countryside and put my lessons to great use as I have taken about a thousand better pictures of our dogs since my return. Already planning my next trip hoping that you will be my tutor again.

Thank you again and again!

K. Gallanis

Your photographs were beautifully lit and composed, bringing readers inside four walls while conveying a sense of lightness and expansiveness.

Well done and thank you.

Denise Helm

Acting Editor-in-Chief, The Times Colonist

I am impressed with the videos you made and shared them with my groups here in Ottawa.

Carolyn Herbert

Thank you so much for your help with our outreach materials – the photos look great!


Dogwood Initiative

Thank you so much for the gorgeous slideshow! We love it and have received lots of compliments from everyone who’s seen it. Fantastic stuff!

Michelle, Gaston & Maia

Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did in photographing our wedding. It was glorious to us how dedicated you are to your craft even before we received our pictures. They are exactly what we hoped for.

Sarah & Dave

Thank you so much for the amazing photo album!! Our daughter will treasure many moments of her childhood between the pages of this beautiful album. Thank you again for your kindness.

The Lupins

There are not enough words to express how happy I am. Any time we look (or anyone looks) at the pictures, it’s always the same comment: Beautiful!

We are so lucky that we chose you to be our photographer on such a special day.

A picture is worth a thousand word! You are a great person and we wish you the best always.

David & Alex

Thank you for all your hard work and effort you put into my pictures. I truly appreciate what you’ve done for me.

We are pleased and delighted with our wedding album. Many of the pictures reveal your artistic and creative virtues.

Of course having a beautiful bridge to work with helps! Thank you for a splendid effort.

Nichole & Richard

Thank you for the class act you were as our wedding photographer. We had so many compliments on “our photographer” and the pictures. You really did capture the moments to make a beautiful love story!

Jaime & Vanessa

Thank you so much for the wonderful family photos. You’re the best!

Kathleen & Sid

We wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciated all the hard work you put into making our wedding photos perfect. It was such a beautiful day, but after a couple of hours standing out in the wind it was starting to get harder to smile. But you always managed to find some way to make us laugh, and that is what shows through in our photos. You are a wonderful person and it was such a pleasure to spend time with you and get to know you. You will always have our business.

Tammy & Darren

Thank you for your generous donation of your time and talent to the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children. You are such a pleasure to work with and have been such a faithful supporter of the Foundation.

When I first spoke to Susan about having her son’s photograph taken, she was definitely hesitant. She was nervous about the way he would be portrayed and didn’t want anything “pity-inducing”. The change in feelings came because of your professionalism during the photo shoot and your remarkable way of making people feel at ease.

I’m happy to say that Susan has allowed us to use her son’s photo in the Summer edition of Bearings!

Renee Hedlin

Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children

Thank you for everything you did for us at our annual meeting in Victoria.
You have us outstanding customer service. You are special! The photo were great and everyone is pleased with their memories.

Cathy Campbell

Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors

Thank you so much for capturing our wedding for us. We love the pictures and have had fun going through them (over and over again) picking our favourites for an album.

Bonnie & Elvira

Thank you for coming on this tour with all of us. You were like a breath of fresh air giving off a delicate aroma of evergreens and flowers.

Steve & Barb

It was a pleasure working with you on our Annual Travelodge Canada Conference in Victoria. From our first contact I was able to tell we would be in very professional hands. Leading up to our conference you answered all of my questions promptly and put me at ease. When arranging a conference for over 150 people, you want very little to worry about and having you as our photographer allowed me to concentrate on other more important aspects.

While you were taking photos of our general session where we update all our franchisees we could hardly tell you were there, yet you were able to capture every moment with every expression beautifully. Also the pictures of our awards presentation were taking masterfully and they look as if they were done in a studio! Then during our gala dinner, you captured all of our fun and memorable moments.

Unfortunately we don’t have the conference in the same city twice however I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone having a function in Victoria. Your professionalism and great quality of work are both excellent reasons for anybody to work with you.

Thank you again for capturing our memorable moments.

Trevor Hagel

Marketing Manager, Travelodge Canada

You have given us something to cherish, when things haven’t been so nice to us. We love the pictures and our family is thrilled too. You have made a difference in our lives.

The Fernyhoughs

I just want to thank you for doing such a nice job on my photo. I don’t really like being photographed, but after working with you, I just may change my mind 🙂 The process was fun and the actual photos are great.
Thanks again.

Marty Shatzko

Administrative Coordinator, Royal Oak Burial Park

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you. The photos you took of me were of the highest quality and those who were presented the photos were quite impressed with the work you did. Comments consisted of “my god you are smiling” and “what beautiful work, who did these”.

I have to say I am quite impressed as well. I don’t naturally smile and do find it hard to due to on going dental issues. With your kind nature and warm acceptance you found a way to make me smile. As you are aware the day the photos were taken was a very emotional day for me due to my retirement from the Canadian Forces and the photos were very important for me to be done. With your humor and light conversation, you were able to take my mind away from the emotions and make me smile.

Your studio is well laid out and gives a kind and warm atmosphere and was very easy to find. I was very impressed with the fact that you gave me a choice of many different poses to choose from and were very accommodating by designing the background of my choosing. I also thank you for allowing me to look at your previous work in order for me to make an informed decision.

Right from the moment I contacted you on the phone to the minute I picked up my photos and discovered your thank you letter when I got home, I knew I had made the right choice by having you do my retirement photos. You have added to the charm of Esquimalt and have left me with a lasting impression.

Frances, thank you very much. I will be sure to contact you in the future when I require photos to be taken and I will be letting others know of your professional, kind and warm business practices.

Rod Merritt

Esquimalt BC

Thank you very much for the photo for UBCM. I really appreciate your efforts and your work is outstanding. Your event photos are a great addition to our archives.

Pamela Lewis


Thank you so much for the beautiful family photos. Your work is truly amazing!

Wayne & Shelley

I still love the pictures immensely – will always!! Many many compliments, you truly are a fabulous artist and I so do appreciate what a wonderful gift you have given us through your work.

Ida, Bruce, William & Gordon

Thank you so much for your fantastic service and great work on my business portraits! The pictures turned out great!

Deneen Cunningham

Your generosity towards the Queen Alexandria Foundation for Children is greatly appreciated.
Your work reflects such a gifted talent that we able to pass on to our children, clients and their families.
Thank you for the heartfelt kindness you possess!

Louis George

Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children

We just received your photograph! WOW!!! We are really thrilled with them. Thank you also for accommodating us and we let the Sooke Harbour House know how much we loved your work.

We really had a great day with you and looking at the photo is like living that wonderful day again! Our families will all love them, but I was especially thrilled with your photos of my parents. I think they are the best photos I have of them.

We really feel very lucky to have been in introduced to you by the Sooke Harbour House and we will let them know how we feel!

Carol Paine

Wow! I don’t think we could have ever found in a million years a better photographer and assistant. You guys were so wonderful and made our day just perfect.

The pictures are to die for and your awesome idea of doing the photos prior to the wedding was brilliant!

Courtenay & Stuart Fraser

I was dreading getting my picture taken – not unlike a fear of going to the dentist – but you turned what I expected to be a painful and embarrassing situation into something enjoyable and fun. I am very pleased with the results and thank you so much!

Jason Keel

Nobody has stood out in my mind more than you do when it comes to passion for their work. You have been an inspiration to me to discovering my own passion. Thank you!


We are so grateful that you were able to forever freeze a beautiful day in our lives. You take a special moment and make that moment an even more special, beautiful moment with your talent!

I love your work, Frances! You are an incredible artist and a great person!

Once again thank you for your incredible compassion that goes into your work that makes your art that much better than any I’ve seen before!

Naomi & Mark

Your kindness and professionalism put our minds at ease. We truly appreciate all you have done for us.

Sarah & Dodd

A big thank you for your fine work at our Shaw Cable Christmas party! The photos were really good – just the right mix of fun and formality. Beyond the technical quality we really appreciated your kind but firm direction behind the camera to bring out the best in everybody – and also your commitment to detail during the shoot and also later in organizing the printing, sorting, and putting together so many great Christmas portraits so quickly!

Your produced well over 200 photos and portraits from that evening and made many couples very happy with the results. The portraits were an ambitious and inspired idea and your extra effort made it work. We were expecting some good photos of the party and award ceremony but it was a real bonus to get all of those couple and group portraits. Your effort was truly outstanding in every way!

It is rare we get the good fortune to work with someone with so much positive energy plus the commitment and talent to produce such great results. Thank you from all of us.

Tim Frewer

Director of Sales & Marketing, Shaw Cable

We absolutely love the photos! The lighting is wonderful and we especially like the attention to detail in the backgrounds. These photos are perhaps our best ones yet! It was a pleasure to work with you.

Christina Ansted

Assistant Program Director, InatraMed Educational Group

Thank you once again for doing such a great and beautiful job on our parents framed gift sets.

Karen & Darrin

Thank you so very much for the great experience that Tarah and myself had – while you shot numerous pictures of my “e-capsusle collection” for my website.

Having your picture professionally taken is such a personal thing, but I trusted you and I knew that you were capable of capturing our true spirit.

May you continue to grow and spread your sunshine.

Linda Ferguson

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