Thanks to Cathy Scott at Niche Woman’s Tours for the honour to host a fabulous travel adventure to India. This is a trip beyond compare! At every blink of the eye there was a National Geographic moment in front of us and the stimulation of the colour, sounds, people, food and scenery was incredible…it was like witnessing the most sumptuous movie frame-by-frame without wanting to miss a moment.
We rode elephants, camels, experienced a Bengal Tiger in the wild not more than 12 feet from us and saw a country that is filled with colour, intrigue, art, architecture, beautiful people, food and moments that will leave lasting memories.
Here are just a few of the thousands of images that I took with many more to come. Stay tuned.

India_2014_001 India_2014_002 India_2014_003

India_2014_004 India_2014_005 India_2014_006

India_2014_007 India_2014_008 India_2014_009

India_2014_010 India_2014_011 India_2014_012

India_2014_013 India_2014_014 India_2014_015

India_2014_016 India_2014_017 India_2014_018

India_2014_019 India_2014_020 India_2014_021

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