Homes & Architecture Photography

Many of the images you see here have appeared in the Times-Colonist daily newspaper House Beautiful section, others I was commissioned to do by private clients.

If you know of someone who is considering selling their home but just can’t do it because of the emotional attachment, then please have them consider my services.

For many people, the idea of selling their family home is often fraught with indecision and anxiety because of the years and memories invested in seeing a family and/or garden grow up there.

I’ve helped couples and families make the move to sell by capturing the details of their home and gardens and creating a book of beautiful images to pass on to their children and grandchildren. I can even incorporate your images and artwork. As an added bonus, the images I create make a great marketing tool for realtors in attracting prospective buyers.

Click here to view a gallery of sample book layouts

Never underestimate the power of professional photography.
Leave a lasting legacy with a beautiful custom-crafted book that captures what’s important to you.

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