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July 5th: 1-3 Beginner Photography Workshop

This workshop offers beginners the opportunity to learn more about the many features cameras offer. If you already have a camera but haven’t taken the time to learn it, or are considering purchasing a new one, this will help you understand and get to know more about today’s cameras. This will cover the basics to get you taking more creative images than you imagined. $89 per person

4-6 pm: Nature Walk and Composition Workshop

Enjoy an outdoor experience that will tune your eye into seeing the world in a more creative way. No experience required. All types of cameras welcome, including Smartphones. This workshop will bring out your creative genie and help you see beyond the obvious. $89 per person. Please wear walking shoes and be prepared to be outdoors. Register for both workshops at the special price of: $165 Location details will be emailed to paid registrants.

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For more information please email or call 250-383-0206

Photo Lessons

Maximize your knowledge and extend your creativity by learning how to effectively use your camera to take your photography to a new level. Ideal for beginner to intermediate photographers or anyone wishing to give the gift of knowledge to friends or family members.

I offer individual and group sessions that are hands-on, fun-filled and informative. Take control of your camera, lighting, subject matter, location, lenses and accessories for producing stunning imagery with confidence. Customized lessons are available to meet your exact needs and your schedule. Portfolio and image critiques are also available.

Want to buy a new camera but don’t know WHAT to buy?

The choices for cameras can be overwhelming. Let me guide you through the process of narrowing down the choices so that you get exactly what you will use and enjoy! Save time and money by not purchasing the wrong camera and accessories and get a great lesson at the same time.
With more than two decades of professional photography experience, I can accompany you to the camera store(s) so that you can make this purchase with confidence and ease.

Priced by quotation starting at $100 with group rates available.
Gift Certificates available.
Please call 250-383-0206 or email me for more information.


“Thank you so very much for the wonderful couple of hours we spent together. We find it so inspiring to connect with another person that loves photography as much as we do.
We came full of questions and not sure of what direction our short time with you would take. Your willingness and ease in sharing your many years of experience made it a delightful experience.
It’s a magical feeling to be given the tools and knowledge to achieve the results in your photos that have been so elusive.
We highly recommend anyone looking for help in developing their own photographic skills and direction in photography to not hesitate to give you a call. Your enthusiasm is contagious!”

Keith & Jennifer Blott

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Having photographed more than 600 weddings in my 20 year career, I have plenty to share. If you want to sharpen both your photography and business skills and gain the confidence to take your work to a new level you may want to consider hiring me as your business/photography coach.Customized to ensure that all your questions are answered so that you can start earning the income you deserve!Priced by quotation with group rates available.
Gift Certificates available.
Please call 250-383-0206 or email me for more information.

Picture-Perfect Croatia!

If you ever want to see the best of Europe in one country, you will find it in Croatia. I had the great pleasure to lead a photography tour for the Women’s Travel Connection.

When I was asked where I would like to lead a tour to, I immediately said Croatia as the memory of seeing it on television at the time of the 1991 conflict made it seem so surreal that a war could be fought in what looked like an absolute paradise. I can now attest, the natural beauty of the region is breathtaking.

We landed in Zagreb and with our own deluxe bus and guide we made our way throughout the country visiting coastal cities and islands all with hundreds of years of history, beauty and lushness.

Given the country has some of the best soil and purest water in Europe, everything tasted fantastic. Organic is a way of life there as things grow so plentiful. Figs, olives, tangerines, lemons, oranges, grapes, almonds…they have it all!

The people were warm and English was spoken most everywhere. I would have to say of all the places I’ve visited in the world, Croatia ranks as one of my all-time favourites.

Santa Fe Hurray!

Leading a photo tour to New Mexico in the fall is an experience that left me craving the beautiful warm russets of the landscape and food. It’s like having fall twice with the added spice of red peppers. Being one of the major art centers in the world, Santa Fe is truly a feast for the eyes.
At 7,000 feet above sea level, I should have been better prepared for the cold, but it still surprised me how much warmer it is here at home. In fact, it snowed!
Thanks to Cathy Scott at Niche Travel for arranging such a wonderful trip for myself and the 12 women who accompanied me.

Sante Fe 2013 001 Sante Fe 2013 003 Sante Fe 2013 002
Sante Fe 2013 005 Sante Fe 2013 006 Sante Fe 2013 004
Sante Fe 2013 009 Sante Fe 2013 007 Sante Fe 2013 008
Sante Fe 2013 011 Sante Fe 2013 012 Sante Fe 2013 010