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  • May17th

    One of the things I most appreciate having learned as a photographer are traditional camera and lighting techniques. The images you see here, required me to reach into my depth of knowledge to create this within the camera, not in Photoshop. Having learned to get it right in the camera has been my trademark for the past two decades.

    Creative in-camera photography is essentially sculpting with light. Working with flash requires an understanding of the desired results before the shutter is pressed. Our eyes can’t perceive the different lighting ratios that create these results, but experience can give the maker a vision of what to expect.

    I found great joy in creating these images in my studio as each one is truly unique and captures the essence of my client in different ways and has an energy that is authentic because the art of the moment was captured in-camera as it happened.

  • November10th


    Although seriously jet-lagged after four flights and numerous time zones I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour upon my return from hosting a trip to India.
    This incredible evening featured a wide variety of entertainment and speakers, including singer/spoken word artist Kinnie Starr, Shane Koyzcan, Scrap Arts Music and Suzuki’s children and grandchildren who shared inspirational stories about how big changes can start with individuals.
    A backstage moment (see last b&w photo) included the newest member of the Suzuki family with Kinnie Starr looking on.

  • May13th


    Having travelled extensively, Tofino remains on the top of my list as one of my all-time favourite destinations. Like Italy, you can never take a bad photograph of the stunning scenery that awaits you.
    I also had the great pleasure of testing driving a Sony NEX7 camera for a client who just purchased it and wants me to give them a full report on how it functions, pros, cons, etc.
    All I can say is that this camera is truly a pleasure to use in every way. I had great fun creating some quick Panoramas and was simply delighted with the ease of handling, results, lightweight feel, in-camera stabilizer, built-in image enhancement software, layout of the menus and aperture and shutter speed buttons.

    The only complaint I have is with the placement of the video record button as it is too close to where your thumb naturally rests and is therefore easy to accidentally push when you least expect it. For the price, this camera is tops in my books.