Passionately Vibrant

_dsc2770-low-resolutionNot only does Kat Hardistry create fabulously colourful works of art, but she lives a vibrant life.
I had the pleasure of meeting Kat years ago when I first did both her and her sister Suzy Hahn’s realtor portraits.
We reconnected a few years ago at an art event and I have been completely in awe of her artistic talents since.
It was great to photograph her again, this time with her art as the backdrop.

Esquimalt Arts Festival

Esquimalt Arts Festival

Come and enjoy a wide selection of local art displayed throughout the beautiful grounds of the English Inn, 429 Lampson St., this upcoming Sunday, August 14th, from 11 am to 4 pm. I’ll have a variety of my personal work for show and sale and hope you’ll come and say hello. I look forward to this annual event organized by the wonderful volunteers of the Esquimalt Township Community Arts Council. Admission is free.

esq art fest 2016

Maestro Extraordinaire

I consider myself extremely blessed to meet and work with so many incredible people. Most recently I was given the opportunity to create new portraits for former Victoria Symphony and international orchestral conductor Peter McCoppin, who many may also remember as an international television host and radio broadcaster.

His impressive resume and success as an executive coach and speaker truly adds to the honour of receiving this testimonial from him:

Frances Litman is in every way a superb artist.
A master photographer she embodies that rare combination of intuition, instinct, poetry, and craft to capture the true essence of every subject.
She produced the finest photos of my professional career, for which I am deeply grateful.

– Peter McCoppin

petermccoppin001 petermccoppin002 petermccoppin003

petermccoppin004 petermccoppin005 petermccoppin006

Loving Where I Live

Loving Where I Live

It’s always such a pleasure to show off our city in all it’s infinite beauty. I was reminded of this recently when I spent a few days offering photo instruction to a client visiting from the USA who wanted to go out and explore and compare our respective composition, viewpoint, exposures, etc. I’m so grateful to be able to share my 25 years of experience as a professional photographer, educator and international photo adjudicator.
You can read the testimonial here

victoria_bc 008 victoria_bc 011 victoria_bc 014

_DSC8251 victoria_bc 003 _DSC8261

_DSC8290 _DSC8276 _DSC8431

_DSC8432 _DSC8443 _DSC8445

Sooke Fine Arts 2016

I’m grateful for the beautiful placement of my photograph at the Sooke Fine Arts Show. It’s always an honour to be selected into a juried show. Kudos to the organizers and many volunteers who make this annual art show one of the finest on Vancouver Island.

sookefinearts1 sookefinarts2

Held Over – At The Robert Bateman Gallery

Held Over – At The Robert Bateman Gallery


One of the highlights of my 20+ year career as a professional photographer is to have my personal work on display at the Robert Bateman Gallery.
The display is themed around the sea with World Ocean’s Day in mind and will be up until June 15th.
Please be sure to drop by and see all the beautiful work in the gallery.


Grand Opening

What an honour to be given the special task of helping with the grand opening celebrations of the Urban Ground Market and Lakeside Village project near the entrance to Thetis Lake on Six Mile Rd. and be part of a pop-up gallery that features more than 60 pieces of original art by Victoria locals like Heather Barr, Jan Dong, Lon French, Katarina Leah Carlos, Vickie Stewart, Robert Barr, Olisha Mitchell, Liz Dailey, myself and others.
Fantastic music was provided by Auto Jansz, Little Crow (Rhonda Broadfoot and Mike Nicholls), Brad Hawkes, Lonnie Glass, Roger Plant, plus Daniel Cook and the Radiators.
The gallery will be open again Sat., May 28th from 1-5 pm with the live music lineup to be announced soon. The market is open daily and features a fantastic selection of organic produce, local products and more.

urbanground - 001 urbanground - 002 urbanground - 003
urbanground - 004 urbanground - 005 urbanground - 006
urbanground - 007 urbanground - 008 urbanground - 009
urbanground - 010 urbanground - 011 urbanground - 012
urbanground - 013 urbanground - 014 urbanground - 015
urbanground - 016 urbanground - 017

Creatively United Art Show

CU-038-DSC_0028-Mo-Parker IMG_3290-Frances-Litman IMG_3291-Frances-Litman

Thanks to CanvasPlus for doing such a fabulous job in printing the canvases I had on display at the 5th Annual Creatively United for the Planet Sustainability Showcase this past April at both Royal Bay Secondary and the Royal BC Museum.

Jan Dong was a total pro in how she hung the show and to be in the company of so many talented artists was a real highlight.

The First of Two Great Weekends

Thank you to everyone who took part in and came out to the 5th annual Creatively United for the Planet Sustainability Showcase at Royal Bay Secondary in Colwood which opened Friday evening with a beautiful sold out farm-to-table meal, live music, art and dancing. The decor, food, ambiance and company was world class. Thank you to all our incredible sponsors and a team of fantastic volunteers who helped create a night to remember.

Saturday, April 15th was full on with 30 presenters, more than 75 exhibitors, live music, art and more than 1000 people.

The Earth Week festivities continue at the Royal BC Museum, with an inspired evening of revolutionary art and film with Franke James and Sarah Robertson this Friday, April 22, from 7-10 pm (Earth Day) and continuing Sat., April 23 from 1-5 pm with live music, art, and two incredible workshops suitable for all ages. Learn more here!

12976964_10204450269055484_2352957570244728295_o 13006713_508601005998987_6028125503120042053_n P1050412 - Judith Cullington
CUP 2016 Pedego2 - Dan Kells CUP 2016 coloring wall - Dan Kells P1050421 - Judith Cullington

24x36 apr 22 poster 24x36 apr 23 poster

Creatively United Art Showcase

I’m honoured to have some of my work on display at the Canvas Plus display that is part of the Creatively United showcase opening this Friday evening with art, live music, a four-course farm-to-table meal and called dances. Incredible artwork by 14 artists will be on display, as well as live music including Bijoux du Bayou. Click here to see more!

FullSizeRender IMG_3258

Sustainability Showcase

This could possibly be one of North America’s biggest Earth Week and sustainability showcases.
It’s very exciting to watch it grow and be organizing an event like this!

5th Annual Creatively United

email signature graphic

I love creative projects and this year marks the fifth year that I have coordinated and organized this giant community event with presenters coming from all over North America. We plan to have the website completely up-to-date with information about our many presenters by March 10th. Be sure to check it out!

Beautiful Kauai

Beautiful Kauai

Thank to great friends and AirMiles I was able to take a long overdue vacation and go to Kauai for five days.
It was such an awe-inspiring trip, not only because of the amazing beaches and lushness of this amazing garden paradise, but due to some of the incredible people I met, including the island’s revered cultural ambassador and internationally known wisdom keeper, Puna Kalama Dawson (Kaipuha’a o Kekauilani Na Pua Hala o Kau’ai) who agreed to travel to Victoria to take part in this April’s Check it out!

An Ambassador of Aloha and conscious caring education, Puna is credited with creating a cultural public charter school, Kanuikapono, that supports traditional Hawaiian values of Aloha, indigenous organic gardening for food self sufficiency, as well as lovingly prepares the students for the world of today. Puna is also on the board of Leadership Kauai.

Puna is a direct heir and beneficiary to Queen Kalama who was married to Kamehameha, the Third King of the Hawaiian Islands. Her mother, Elizabeth K. Kalama, also known as “Aunty Nana” is a direct heir to Queen Lili’uokalani who was the reigning Queen before the overthrow of the Hawaiian Islands.

Nature Challenge Day 2-4

Nature Challenge Day 2-4

Because yesterday got away on me, and I may not have the opportunity to post this Thursday’s image, here are three images from this week’s Nature Challenge. The arrow is actually frost on the ground. I’m constantly amazed by the beauty that surrounds us.

IMG_1690 IMG_1817


Nature Challenge

I’ve been challenged to post a nature photograph every day for the next week. What a fun way to start the New Year as my work is generally portrait related. Here is the first of many photos to come! Prints are available for sale.


With Heartfelt Gratitude

heart photo banner

Above are just a few of the many images I’ve taken with my cel phone while finding a heart in the moment. I hope they bring a smile to your face.

I’m filled with gratitude…that may be why I see hearts everywhere, from a spill on the kitchen counter to the inside of an avocado to the bruise on a banana…it truly astounds me how often I see them.

On-Location Photography

_DSC9835 sans

I love the challenge of working on-location and having to come up with creative solutions. This group shot is but one example of making the most out of a location I had never worked in before. Choir Master, Denis Donnelly, of the Gettin’ Higher Choir and Soundings requested a group photograph to be taken during a break in choir rehearsal at the Fairfield Community Centre and needed it to be done quickly, efficiently and indoors due to the weather. By moving a few couches into place and a few tables taken out of the frame, I was able to compose, light and capture this shot within 20 minutes.

One of the hardest challenges was trying to fit in a missing choir member afterwards. I was provided with a photograph taken by a choir member and had to work it into the group shot with completely different lighting. The end result can be seen here.

Original IMG_7080 _DSC9835 Low Res Colour

The Soundings Choir will perform ancient and contemporary music of the Christmas season on Saturday, December 5th at 8 pm in Oak Bay United Church 1555 Mitchell St. and on Sunday, December 6th at 2:30 pm at St. Mary’s Anglican Church, 1973 Cultra, Saanichton. Tickets are available at Larsen Music or at contact

The Best Gift is a Portrait

Ask anyone what they cherish the most and the answer is inevitably is a portrait of loved ones.
I’m always honoured to create and capture portraits to last a lifetime.
Book now and take advantage of special pricing on individual, couple, pet and family portraits… perfect for gift giving!

_DSC5469 _DSC3693 _DSC8980

_DSC7331 _DSC5708 _DSC3627

_DSC1406 7x5 Preview _DSC4795 _DSC1118

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