146905_Map_FB 001.pdf 146905_Map_FB 001.pdf

Sharing a mutual admiration for our natural world with the Robert Bateman Centre has resulted in many magical moments. The most recent has been the launch of a brand new nature-based map that includes the artwork of Robert Bateman, photo tips from yours truly and the opportunity to work with my long-time cartoonist friend Nelson Dewey. I’m grateful that the team at the Robert Bateman Centre was open to this concept that came out of a meeting to find ways to help people connect with nature and being the project lead was very satisfying.

This project was unveiled to the public at the Third Annual Creatively United for the Planet Festival, held this past April 26th, at St. Ann’s Academy.

The map is available free of charge at the Robert Bateman Centre (470 Belleville Street Victoria, B.C), The Royal BC Museum (675 Belleville St, Victoria, BC) and at Creatively United for the Planet events.

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